Gulnar Bosch Travel Awards

The Gulnar Bosch Travel Awards provide limited travel funds for select graduate students whose papers or works have been accepted for juried presentation so that they can attend the SECAC Annual Meeting. It was Gulnar Bosch's intent, through a bequest to SECAC, that interest generated from funds invested by SECAC would be used to encourage graduate student participation in SECAC and their future involvement in the organization.

Award recipients are chosen by a committee composed of the chair of the annual SECAC meeting and two additional persons appointed by the chair in consultation with the Vice President of SECAC. Candidates must have an accepted submission in a SECAC session or exhibition and must formally apply by completing the Gulnar Bosch Travel Assistance Award Application. Interested applicants should download the application, provide the required documentation, and forward it by email to the current conference director as identified on the application.

Gulnar Kheirallah Bosch served as SECAC president in 1958 and often presented papers at the annual meeting. She was born in 1909 on the Oglala Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, where her father was a doctor. The family moved to Chicago where Bosch completed high school at the age of 15, and after a time of extensive travel and study, she returned to Chicago to earn a doctorate from the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Her college teaching career began in 1941 at Florida State College of Women, now Florida State University, and following teaching appointments in Georgia and Louisiana, she returned to Florida State in 1960 as head of the art department, a post she held until 1977. Gulnar Bosch continued as an active member of SECAC for many years following her retirement. She died on October 9, 1998.