Session: "Whence Come We, What Are We, Whither Are We Going?: SECAC’s Seventieth Meeting, Parts 1 and 2". Chair: William R. Levin, Centre College, Emeritus

Introduction to the 2014 Papers, by William R. Levin, Centre College (Emeritus)
Twenty Years of Art Education at SECAC: Where’ve We Been and Where Are We Going?, by Thomas Brewer
SECAC Stories: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way, by Beth A. Mulvaney
Behind the Scenes: Tales from SECAC Conference Chairs, by Barbara J. Watts
SECAC from 1998 to 2014: Reflecting on the Organization’s Increase in Size and Stature, by Debra Murphy
30 Years of SECAC: Reflections and Musings, by Floyd Martin
The SECAC Binary, by Sandra Reed


Session: "Reflections on Sixty Years of SECAC"
Chair: William R. Levin, Centre College

Introduction to the 2001 Papers, by William R. Levin
VRC Affiliate Organization Perspective, by Christina B. Updike
Fifty Years and Counting, by Anne Thomas
Forty-five Years Later, by Martha Belle Caldwell